Video Alarm In Door Tracker Access Control Smart Sensors Annalistic  
Video Seeing is believe. We have many CCTV allover our daily life, no matter where you go, you are protected by those silence service parts. CCTV help us to capture the video, no matter black and white or colorful, the object is static or high speed moving. Image sensor turns the reflect of light into digital signal and let us see and further process it.
Alarm Notification when an event happened is the most critical part of surveillance system. It means there is some event which needs to be handled and took care. With our integrated dashboard, you can easily deal with all alarm systems and track all actions which have been made for log or further analysis.
In Door Tracker

GPS help modem life much easier, navigator can guide the path you want to go. You also can share your position with others to easily set up a meeting point.

AnWeife indoor tracker application can bring the benefit for you. This will help you easily to locate the missing object, find out the moving track and even interactive with your mobile device.

Access Control Key is the very first and the oldest access control tool; only the person who gets the key can have the privilege to get into specific area. Nowaday access control has been used anywhere when you clock in at office or tack metro or bus. Access control raw data not only provides better understanding of your business status but also helps you manage access to right people.
Smart Sensors

With the improvement of modem technology, new devices and application such as Smart meters, IoT devices, and home automation gear,s, have been installed into houses and apartments. How can we make these smart devices smart and good enough to use? Anweife's integrated dashboard will help collect all the information and let you access the information which you need to increase productivity.

Annalistic Analytics can transform raw data into useful information for various purposes such as the most popular selling zone in the store, the busiest path, the best-selling merchandise and understanding of customer behaviors. All the information will speed up decision making process.